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22nd-Nov-2015 11:14 am - Urgent call for mirrors
Sho - Facepalm
Hello everyone!

It has been brought to my attention that some Mega files have already been deleted, so as to not live again the loss of many subbed files, I urge everyone who can to provide mirrors to Mega, Mediafire and 4shared (even if it has already been mirrored to those sites, I don't care having 15 mirrors to MF, the more there are, the better chances we have to keep this alive) to do it as soon as they can.

I can certainly not do this all alone, so please, help as much as you can! And please don't bother those who have already uploaded, they did their fair share of helping!

PS: This post is made public, membership is not moderated, so just click "Join this community" to view all the posts.

PS2: Please, don't post mirror links in this entry as it is public! Post them in this and this entry. Thank you for your help!

PS3: Once again, mmestrange did an amazing work to help everyone:

How to upload to Mega: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3
How to upload to Mediafire: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3
How to upload to 4Shared: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3
5th-Nov-2015 02:09 pm - Links revival
Sho - bitting thumb
Hello everyone!

With the permission of yuckie_chan, I'm trying to revive the dead links in this community. dvampyrlestat has already updated most of her posts, and I did so with mine too, some MF links area also still working, so I will just mirror what I can, but for the rest, well... help is needed ^^
Feel free to post in the comments below if you can provide reupload links.
Membership is NOT moderated anymore, so feel free to join, no need to ask :)

With the recommandation of mmestrange, here are some guidelines best to follow:
General reuploading guidelinesCollapse )

List of reuploaded files
List of missing files

Disclaimer: There will be no more new entries in this community, yuckie_chan is no longer active, so don't ask for new subs. I'm just trying to keep the old files alive here ;)

Thank you!
14th-Aug-2008 02:01 pm - 嵐//勇気
pair - ohmiya park
Welcome to arashi_yuuki community. This community contains some english-subbed Arashi shows and Arashi scans.

It hasn't been updated much since October 2009 and almost inactive, so there are almost no new stuff.

All membership in the community is moderated, so even if you join the community, you still can't access anything unless you got approved. There is only one person checking the membership request, so it takes time.


How to get access:

1. Post a comment here (in English):
- Promise that you won't repost any of my subs and scans and links ANYWHERE. Do not distribute in any way, in any form.
- Promise to not sell any of the subbed videos. Yes, you may not believe it, but videos that were subbed by fansubbers are being sold... in reality.

2. Join the community by clicking here .

note: Making graphics is ok.


If you missed any of the steps above, then your join request won't be approved.

Some remarks:
- There are only Arashi-related subs and scans here. There won't be any subs/scans for other artist.
- Members who are known to have redistributed subs/scans from here are sometimes banned.
- Arashi, the videos, the TV shows, or the pictures belongs to Johnny's, magazines companies, TV companies, and other legal institution. However, there's the hardwork of translating, subbing and scanning. Those need a lot of time and effort, and all that are asked from you is to not reupload & to not sell, so please respect that wish.
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