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Moving the Arashi-Yuuki revival to ArashiProject

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that the Arashi-Yuuki revival has been moved to arashiproject for more convenience, as it's easier for me to manage it from there with the help of my team, and also easier to make mirrors.

The revival is available here.

The entry is member-locked, please join arashiproject and wait for approval (no comment required).

See you there!
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Welcome to arashi_yuuki community. This community contains some english-subbed Arashi shows and Arashi scans.

It hasn't been updated much since October 2009 and almost inactive, so there are almost no new stuff.

All membership in the community is moderated, so even if you join the community, you still can't access anything unless you got approved. There is only one person checking the membership request, so it takes time.


How to get access:

1. Post a comment here (in English):
- Promise that you won't repost any of my subs and scans and links ANYWHERE. Do not distribute in any way, in any form.
- Promise to not sell any of the subbed videos. Yes, you may not believe it, but videos that were subbed by fansubbers are being sold... in reality.

2. Join the community by clicking here .

note: Making graphics is ok.


If you missed any of the steps above, then your join request won't be approved.

Some remarks:
- There are only Arashi-related subs and scans here. There won't be any subs/scans for other artist.
- Members who are known to have redistributed subs/scans from here are sometimes banned.
- Arashi, the videos, the TV shows, or the pictures belongs to Johnny's, magazines companies, TV companies, and other legal institution. However, there's the hardwork of translating, subbing and scanning. Those need a lot of time and effort, and all that are asked from you is to not reupload & to not sell, so please respect that wish.